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When taking your favourite historic vehicle out for a ride between Balkburg and IJhorst in the lovely countryside of the Reest Valley in Overijssel, you will pass our beautifully situated 18th century farmhouse with an historic gable. Down the laneway to the rear, you will find The Restoration Centre.


Begun as a family business in 1950, the Stolk family brings a wealth of experience to its restoration projects and works with passion, precision and the utmost care when restoring diverse historical objects.


Whether it be simple maintenance or step-by-step, custom-made total restoration, you have come to the right place! You are warmly welcomed to write, call or drop in to discuss your ideas about restoration of your classic automobile, favourite carriage or antique objects.


We are also available weekends by appointment.

The coffee is ready! We look forward to seeing you

Carriage restoration and conservation

Here we undertake all of the restoration work on historical and antique horse-drawn vehicles. Our Center includes such areas as a large woodworking department, an old-fashioned forge, and a sheet metal and fine metal department.  We can restore or create new parts. We have extensive experience in restoring and creating top quality vintage wooden carriage wheels and wheels that you can safely use on the road..read more

Oldtimer restoration, wooden bodywork and auto sheet metal work

Whether it be maintenance, minor repairs or step by step, comprehensive, custom-made restorations of early automobiles, horseless carriages, vintage cars and youngtimers, you will find all this in Balkbrug.

Are you more infected with Post War Cars or have special interest in Mercedes-Benz cars?
Visit our post war website.

Restoration of wooden and bakelite steering wheels

Vintage steering wheels endure a lot. Do you have cracks in your vintage bakelite wheel? Then this is easily restored..

A bakeliet autostuur B bakeliet autostuur
Bakeliet autostuur restauratie Bakeliet autostuur restauratie

Carriage or automobile upholstery

The interior of a carriage, horseless vehicle or an early automobile tend to be similar as many carriage manufacturers switched in the early 20th-century to building bodies of the early automobiles. They became the first bodybuilders.  Also in the field of vintage car upholstery, linen and leather covers, the Restoration Center is where you want to be..

Carriage and auto lamps, and fine metal working

A special section in our center is designed for metal restoration. Here you can  buy, or have restored or repaired, antique objects, like
• Carriage lamps
• Automobile lamps
• Train lamps
• Steam vehicle lamps
• Bicycle lamps
• Outside lamps
If you are missing a part of your vehicle or classic car, perhaps we can make it for you..read more

Leather restoration and leather repair

We have much to offer in the restoration of leather and leather care. We can revive original leather upholstery, whether it's from a carriage, vintage or modern car. Obviously, we can apply our techniques to all leather items such as an old leather watch case, leather trumpet holder or vanity case..read more

Picnic accessories for oldtimers and antique carriages

Restoration Center Stolk makes custom-made luxury picnic sets for your carriage or classic car. We have extensive experience in custom -made luxury picnic boxes and champagne or wine coolers for drags, coaches, omnibuses, or breaks. Now in stock- limited edition of a very special and unique item, based on the collapsible picnic table made by the firm Scott and Sons in London, circa 1900. The set consists of a carrying case that folds out to a picnic table. Within the carrying case there are two fold-out picnic benches..read more

Conservation of historic original paint

The original old paintwork (also referred to as polychromy) of your antique carriage, horseless carriage and early automobile is of great historical value. What is the best option; restore or preserve? .. read more

Carriages, carriage lamps, carriage watches, advice on buying and selling carriages

Want to build a carriage collection? Looking for a beautiful and special vehicle and want to seek advice before purchasing. Or would you like to sell your special collection? We can offer professional assistance. Please note, we offer more services and sales items than can be shown on our webpages, so please contact us .. read more

Certified Carriage Appraiser

Want to insure your collection against damage when in use, fire or theft? We are certified value assessors and can set the appropriate value in advance to avoid problems later..read more

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